The web can function as a wiki in several ways. Using the blog as an example, there are content management companies that could, hypothetically, be behind many of these blogs. One of these companies could do the work for several bloggers. They could post the content, do the SEO, post comments on the blogs, and manage a social media presence. They could even have other sites which function to provide links to the blogs.

There's a ton of travel blogs. A content management team could have a couple of review sites, such as Top 50 Travel Blogs and Top 15 Travel Blogs, build these up so they have rank, and then use these to boost the ranks of the sites they support. They could have forums which serve the same purpose. The company could post threads, answer questions, etc. in order to build links. Just because a blog attains rank, that doesn't mean it's necessarily successful based on its quality, popularity and the efforts of its author. 

There's tons of blogs. With travel blogs, traveling is expensive. Some of the blogs don't seem to have the quality and material to support such a lifestyle. Some of the posts may just be as simple as a few paragraphs which point to local things, with a few links. What is the actual readership for the blog and does it warrant the sale of a few links for an amount that could cover the travel expenses to a particular location?

Who are some of these people and what do they actually do? Where do they get their money from? What is their nationality? Just something people maybe need to look at a little closer.

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