Phishing - Augmented Reality

Phishing - Augmented Reality

A phishing environment has the effect of being a kind of augmented reality. You take a normal situation, and alter it in various ways. Here's a typical scenario using a restaurant as an example.

They may hire you on purpose. An ad might be targeted toward you. They might act like they don't know who you are. They may be phishing for something in the interview. Then, the interview may be just for that and there is no job. The interviewer may not even work there. Phishing can be on other levels. The employer may not be involved. Someone inside could be behind it.

If the place is really rigged against your favor, and you're male, the first thing they'll usually try is setting you up with sex. There will be one or more females in there that want something. It may be a college scholarship or tuition money. They may have student loans or a drug problem.

If this doesn't work, or maybe at the same time, people will have other angles. They'll try to confuse you or provoke you. They may go really slow, and talk really slow, and then try to make you feel rushed, or like you're not doing enough. Or, they'll tell you different ways of doing the same thing. Common, immature games mostly.

The people doing this may act like they're locals, or they're a certain kind of person, and they're from somewhere else, maybe far away, and they're different.

Basically, you'll get people looking at you like you're a meal ticket. They'll come at you from different angles and look at you to see what kind of response they get. 

If the atmosphere seems really off like this, you'll probably notice certain people looking at you really quickly, like they're trying to read you, such as the way a salesperson would.

The same principles apply to other scenarios. Living situations (roommates or neighbors), shopping experiences, random interactions on the street. They're all fair game.