The News

The News

Most of the mainline media doesn't seem to report that much information. The major television outlets convey a lot of sensationalized content about the same things, over and over again. They get on a loop about a lot of political, partisan issues. A lot of time is spent, back and forth, about issues with the current president. Careful with that word. No, this is just one person. Politics, businesses and organizations involve all kinds of people, who are doing all kinds of things. Where is the information?

Media outlets shouldn't function as advertising. They should provide people with information so they can make informed choices.

O.K., so there are these things going on as reported by the news. What else is going on? Where are the solutions to these issues? Nobody seems to talk about the solutions or ideas for improving things.

People need to look closely at some of the newer news sites on the web. Some of them seem to have left or right angles, but is that what they really are, or is it just polarized content? Who are some of these people and what do they really stand for? There's a difference between reporting actual information, conveying false facts and actually reporting real news.

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