The First Amendment

The First Amendment

Writers, journalists and reporters have very little protection or support under the first amendment when it comes to dealing with serious issues. Some countries, or parties within a country may deal with these professionals in what may seem to be harsher ways. Here, negative repercussions can still be severe, it's just not as savage or discussed. 

Censorship here mainly comes in three forms: through the ownership of the media, through corruption and with intimidation techniques. 

The media, when it comes to news, really shouldn't be owned by biased parties. People need to look at where their news is coming form and who owns the major outlets. There's probably a lot of reporters who wish they had more freedom to do what they want to do, and who wish they didn't have to worry about other consequences.

Even if it is the most newsworthy organization, or a more independent news source, they have to worry about a myriad of suppression techniques. Some may even have to worry about the welfare of their families. 

Civil and criminal laws need to be modernized so people receive accurate information. These issues contribute to the growing wealth gap, limit entrepreneurship and restrict our freedoms.

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