Standardized Tests

Standardized Tests

Someone needs to come up with standardized tests that are more progressive. Standardized tests have a lot of potential and should be used more often, they just need some improvements.

A good college entrance exam, for instance, should be comprehensive and test for everything. Such a test shouldn't have an overall score. These exams should check to see if a student has an acceptable knowledge of mainline subjects like math, science, reading, writing, and history. If a student needs to work on anything here, the scores should reflect that.

These tests should show what a student knows about everything, and where someone has a lot of potential. One person might do well across the board, and that is fine. Another might excel in certain areas, and that is fine because they might just have more specific interests.

College admissions should be able to look at these results and see where a student has a strong aptitude and interest. If they aren't very interested in a subject, they probably wouldn't do well there.

Tests like this could be used in secondary education to help teachers see where students need help and what their interests are so they can steer them toward the right studies.

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