Phishing: State of the Art

Phishing: State of the Art

Nothing really new here. Anything someone can do with AI, phishers are doing. Current phishing techniques include the following methods:

A lot of the activity occurs in the workplace.

There's a lot of "clickbait" on the web. What I mean by clickbait is that it's polarized information put there to draw negative reactions.

There is some racial based phishing going on. A possible example is when the student was reported for napping in a dorm. That's a good way to antagonize people, if nothing else.

Like with AI, the techniques may be designed to get ahead of someone, whether it's a physical location, state of mind, financial situation, personal situation, etc.

One method is trying to confuse people.

The use of bullying. Imagine a kid in junior high that classmates gang up on and bully. It's like this only with some of the "sophisticated" techniques it has the effect of trying to make one feel gang raped.

Basically, anything a human may be capable of fearing can be used against people here.

It's all acting, that's a good way to tell, because the people who are foolish enough to act like this aren't good actors and it is noticeable. A lot of the time, they'll look at someone trying to read them.

A lot of the "king"pins here probably have blogs or websites that they use as a cover. They could be from about anywhere and probably travel a lot.

Some of these act like homeless people, or aggressive panhandlers, but they're not.

All of the people who engage in this type of activity are snitches. They don't have any spine, and they're looking for a free ride because they don't have the guts to earn a living.

Basically, these people are screwing up the block. They're causing a lot of harm to the economy and they're causing all kinds of stress, which is having a large effect on the costs of healthcare.