Modern Education

Modern Education

There hasn't been very many changes to the modern education system. Academia can kind of live in a bubble, and not grow or change with the times. This system, which hasn't changed much over the years, can be characterized by:

A lack of turnover for incompetent teachers. Incompetence can come in several forms. Some professors are very arrogant, and these ones simply don't care. Other teachers are very controlling, and some of them just shouldn't be teaching. With teachers such as these, coaching and training won't work. They shouldn't be teachers. The administration knows they're there, but they rarely do anything about it. It would be better to have less teachers, if that's the only alternative, and pay them more.

An emphasis on memorizing and taking notes in a very structured way.

Low pay for teachers at the primary and secondary levels.                   

The use of inefficient and dated standardized tests such as the SAT and GMAT. Most of these tests are from older nonprofits from back east. They don't really test for the potential for success, even in a specific field. They haven't changed much over the years.

Education is push oriented. Studies are pushed at students instead of encouraging them to learn, and want to learn, on their own.

An overemphasis and redundancy on the three R's at the primary and secondary levels. Math is taught in a way where students need to know how to solve specific, rare problems in a specific subject, if they're going to get a good grade, as opposed to covering more ground such as learning about algorithms. Vocabulary is overemphasized because many things can be described by several words and some of the words are never used, so it doesn't matter if someone can spell them. Some other words are never used. Much of this coursework is presented in a way that is too serial. Year after year, the same courses, so that it gets boring.

Most of the large universities are research universities. The research provides limited benefits and often functions to support the school's rankings. The focus should be on education. Incompetent professors may be kept on board because of their research.

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