Government Spending

Government Spending

With the current economic situation, there are four serious issues: education, the national debt, social security, and veterans affairs. The education system needs some attention. I've already discussed that.

The national debt situation needs some attention. The debt is used for funding. So, any funding that can be reduced means this debt is lower. Minimizing this debt should be a priority. There's a point when the debt costs so much to service that it eats up a major portion of tax revenues.

The social security system needs some work. This system was established in the middle of the Great Depression. Things were a lot different back then, and people didn't live near as long as they do now. The government borrows from this fund to spend on other things. This borrowing should be minimized. 

Right now, people at the retirement age don't have much for savings. With the move to a service economy, many people don't have the pensions they once had. 

The minimum age for receiving this benefit should be lowered, at least for some. There are a lot of service workers, especially in the restaurant and hospitality industries, and construction workers who won't be working when they're 62. How many 62 year old people are working in restaurants? Construction workers develop a lot of physical health issues with age. The need for these benefits is increased with economic hardships.

The VA has some serious issues that need to be addressed. It looks like a lot of it comes down to the need for funding. Some parts of the country need additional facilities. Their health workers need better pay, and more health workers are needed to reduce wait times. 

The best way to address these issues would be to reduce defense spending, and shift funding from this area to education, social security and veterans affairs. Education gets a lot of funding at the local level, but they could use more at the federal level. A look at the companies receiving the most funding from the government shows how much goes to the defense industry, and why some of this could be better spent in other ways.