Education Spending II

Education Spending II

Public education should try some more innovative approaches to primary (in the higher grades) and secondary education. Students should have a lot more choices when it comes to coursework, and study materials, more like universities. For example, certain math courses have prerequisites, then these aren't always really necessary. Someone might want to learn about calculus instead of geometry. There's all kinds of science subjects. Someone might want to learn about astronomy instead of biology. This would require more funding for teachers and facilities.

Another idea is to have more open coursework. Some people can learn faster by reading than they can by following an instructor, and taking notes, because verbal communication is slow, and so is writing. When you're taking notes, you're just writing a bunch of things down so you can read them again. 

A study hall type of system is one idea to try here. For a couple or three periods a day, students could go to a study hall with a general subject such as science or history where they have access to a small library. Teachers could be there to make sure students are studying, and to answer questions and point students to the right study materials. If some of the students aren't studying, they could be required to attend regular courses. Progress could be measured through the use of progressive standardized tests.

People probably learn more if they're given some options and autonomy. Students should be encouraged to learn about things they're interested in, as long as those things are appropriate for an academic environment. 


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