Education Spending I

Education Spending I

Whatever your concerns are, whether it is the environment, animal rights, human rights, etc. it all starts with people, because they control everything. People need to be educated so they can make good decisions. There are people with college educations who say they're on the left, and they have all these concerns. Then, they're going around phishing. This is just plain ignorant. That logic makes about as much sense as Stalin. Maybe if some of these people had some more history lessons, they would make more informed decisions.

There will be another recession. Not positive thinking, but reality. There are always market corrections. The idea is to minimize the corrections. It may be small. It may be another big recession or depression. People will come up with some name for it. Whatever the cause, it can be traced back to a lack of education. 

Large corrections are bad for a number of reasons. One good example is road construction. When an area is growing quickly, as opposed to steadily, roads get torn up, sidewalks get torn up and buses get rerouted.

Things may be done as corrective measures that otherwise wouldn't be necessary. Then, some people don't like the measures and they try to steer things back the other way. 

An example, not necessarily tied to the recession, is Obamacare. All of this time setting it up, talk about it on the news, then people are trying to turn it around. A waste of a lot of time and energy past a point. If the root causes of the costs of health care, such as stress, were addressed better, we might not have needed Obamacare in the first place.