Avoidable Reasons for Poor Health

Avoidable Reasons for Poor Health

Some avoidable reasons for poor health include stress, workplace stress, turnover rates, obesity, geographical location, economic instability, and dietary habits. All of these things drive up the costs of healthcare and could be minimized through better education and policies.

Workplace stress is a rarely discussed topic. This is hardly ever mentioned in business schools, or addressed at the workplace. Certain people cause most of the stress for various reasons. Some companies look for undesirable behavior types (example) in people to fill top positions. One would think organizations would want to minimize stress, especially if they are providing and paying for insurance.

Turnover causes stress. One of the most stressful things is supposed to be changing jobs. Unnecessary turnover is therefore undesirable.

Obesity is pretty common. Educating people about this shouldn't be difficult because if a person loses weight, their stomach shrinks, then they don't have the same appetite.

Geographical location has a strong effect on stress levels. Given equal access to healthcare and similar eating habits, the difference in life expectancy for someone living in a large urban area on one of the coasts vs. someplace like the Rockies can be substantial. With all of the modern communication resources it would make sense to steer some people out of places such as Silicon Valley and New York and to smaller inland areas.